Pokemon Gen 1 Girls

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Satin finish digi cut stickesr featuring Don't Panic's original artwork of: 

Delia Ketchum (Ash's mama)  - size: 3.54" x 5.32"

Jessie of Team Rocket - size: 2.95" x 5"

Misty the Cerulean City Gym Leader - size: 2.69" x 4.97"

Nurse Joy - size: 5" x 5.11"

Officer Jenny - size: 2.41" x 5.1"

Sabrina The Saffron City Gym Leader - size: 2.49" x 5"

From Pokemon! 


* All stickers are weather proof and UV protected. 

* To apply please make sure the area is cleaned with soap and water to ensure the sticker adheres properly. 


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