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I've placed an order with both pre order items and in stock items, do they ship separately?

No. If you have placed an order with both in stock and pre order items, your order will be shipped once all the items in that order have been received. This only changes if I email you personally in regards to a longer than normal delay! 


How long will it take to get my order? 

If you order a PRE ORDER item, the items usually take a bit longer. They go into production as soon as pre orders end and from there usually take about 1.5 - 2.5 weeks to be produced and shipped to me. Once I have the product on hand they take about 1 - 3 days to sort and pack. From there they ship; US orders usually take 1.5 - 3 weeks to arrive and International orders take between 1.5 - 4.5 weeks. This is all depending on customs though and a lot of the time the items will arrive quite early! 

PLEASE NOTE: As of the first week of April 2019 I will be switching to a local printer! That means orders will be arriving a lot sooner than before! Turn around times for me getting the pre ordered product will be between 2-5 business days instead of the usual 2.5 week wait time! 


When do in stock items ship? 

So long as your order only contains in stock items, those items will ship within 1-2 business days of receiving your order! 


My order still hasn’t come yet, what should I do? 

Sometimes customs can be a bit annoying and slow when it comes to your orders crossing the boarder. That being said it should never take longer than a month to receive your order unless there was a delay stated on our instagram page (that is once you have received an email saying the order has actually shipped). If it has taken longer than 1 month from the shipping date please email us with your order number and let us know! We will gladly help you out!


What do you base your shipping costs from? 

We base our shipping costs off Canada Posts shipping prices.


Where can we get updates on your newest products/our orders?

I constantly show off upcoming designs on my instagram and facebook! Please feel free to check them out! ** We also love when you tag us in posts with your items! **. We also use our instagram page to keep you guys up to date with what's going on with your orders and any delays that may have occurred!


Am I able to change my shipping address?

You are able to change your shipping address ONLY if the order hasn't shipped out yet! Please always double check your shipping address upon checkout as we are not responsible for items shipped to wrong addresses once they leave our hands!


Once I have placed an order will I be able to change my order or request for a refund? 

All items are Sales Are Final and are Non-Refundable. However, if you do receive a defective item, please email us with a photo and we will gladly help you out! 




How should I care for my Don’t Panic apparel? 

 The best way to take care of your apparel is to start by turning it inside out and then either hand washing it or putting it in the machine set to a gentle cycle. Please use cold water when washing, this will help keep the colour of your shirt vibrant as well as protect the print. The prints can be delicate and can start to crack and weather if you use hot temperatures on them so please keep that in mind! To dry, hanging works best!  **We are not liable if your shirt combusts in the wash, so please be gentle with them! <3 ** 


How should I apply my stickers?

First, make sure the surface you plan to put the sticker on is clean. To clean it we recommend soap and water (to get rid of any oils). Apply the sticker as flat as possible and then use a credit card or any other flat item to help push out any air bubbles! Our stickers are UV protected and weather proof so feel free to stick them on outdoor items!


Still have more questions, comments or concerns? Please shoot us an email at :)